Who We Are

The term “Inclusive Pastor” indicates Mennonite pastors (though not necessarily credentialed and not necessarily currently serving in MC USA) who believe the denomination should fully include and affirm LGBTQIA people in the life of congregations, conferences, and the denomination.

Inclusive Mennonite Pastors is a growing, ever­-evolving community, not a formal organization. There is no official membership list and there is no single, designated spokesperson. All pastors/leaders who identify as “inclusive” define what that means for them within and as a result of their particular social and faith contexts.

The Inclusive Menno Pastors Facebook page is a safe space for pastors who advocate for greater justice for those who identify as LGBTQIA in Mennonite Church USA. It is an online community where we share relevant information, events, and encouragement.

This web page provides links to relevant denominational materials, resources for those seeking to better understand the inclusive position from a Biblical/theological perspective, and our very own Scriptures Project with reflections on a variety of Bible passages. If you have questions about or would like to contribute to any of these areas, please be in touch through our Conversation page.

Currently, six leaders meet regularly (online) as the Inclusive Mennonite Pastors Leadership Team: Theda Good, Karl Shelley, Megan Ramer, Chad Martin, Cynthia Lapp, and Joanna Harader. These pastors initiated the January 24, 2014 “Rule of love” letter sent to various MC USA leaders and signed the recently-submitted Becoming a Just Church resolution. They also support Brethren Mennonite Council and Pink Menno in their efforts to make MC USA national conventions more safe and welcoming spaces for all people. These beautiful ribbons will be available in Kansas City:

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Please explore the resources on this site and feel free to be in touch!