Ervin Stutzman, the Executive Director of MCUSA, has recently pledged to work with the Executive Board to find specific ways for our church to extend . . . welcome to LGBTQ people within the Mennonite church.

In order to facilitate this work, we offer the suggestions below for consideration by denominational leadership.

For those who wish to leave a suggestion:

  1. Please keep suggestions positive and respectful. 
  2. It is preferable to include your name with your suggestion for potential follow-up.
  3. All suggestions should affirm the value of LGBTQIA people within the church.
  4. If someone else has already made your suggestion, please reply to their suggestion with affirmation rather than repeating the suggestion.

Once a few suggestions have been posted, the Inclusive Pastors Leadership Team will send a link for this page to Ervin Stutzman and those on the Executive Board.